Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Revolution calling who?

Every day on my way to work, I drive past a couple of big banners for the "Ron Paul Revolution."

And just about everywhere I go, I see signs for the Republican presidential candidate. I mean, I drove past an intersection the other day that had about six of them.

Does the same guy put them all up?

Because, certainly, nobody's voting for the Texas Congressman.

He needs something like 1,900 delegates to win the nomination. Figure the front-runner, John McCain, has something like 800-plus out of 1,300-plus pledged so far.

Ron Paul has 16:

• 5 from North Dakota
• 5 from Alaska
• 4 from Nevada
• 2 from Iowa

This is a guy who once raised 4 million bucks in 24 hours.

Again, was this all from one guy? Or did 400,000 people forget to vote?

Oh, well, at least he's still got this guy in his corner.

Dude, you might as well get your signs from those Jersey overpasses.

Editor's note: Today's my birthday! At least for the next four minutes. Watch ffor a big ol' birthday post later this week!