Sunday, February 03, 2008

Die, you pond scum!

That would be a quote from "Dave,"one of my favorite comedies.

Tonight, let's apply it to the New England Patriots, whose undefeated season went bye-bye on the grandest stage of all:

Super Bowl XLII

So, go skip, Tom Brady, you smirking jerk!

Go jump in a lake, Randy Moss, you egocentric dog!

And hey, congratulations, New York Giants, including a couple of my favorite ex-Raiders, Kevin Boothe and Dave Tollefson, and all my Giants-fans friends.

It was nice to get home from our anniversary dinner in time to see one of the greatest upsets ever and one of the greatest Super Bowls ever.

Even if I suspect Marisa preferred watching "Puppy Bowl IV."

By the way, this is how I wrapped up my Super Bowl story in the paper:

Sure, it's an ugly matchup if you let the computer call it, but when real people are involved, the PS3 says the Giants have a prayer. Let's just hope Eli Manning makes better reads than a nearsighted ex-Division 3 intramural quarterback.

And there, in the Red Zone in the final minute, was Eli Manning, throwing the game-winning touchdown. Finding the open man I couldn't in my "Madden" sim.

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Stewie said...

I really wanted the Pats to win because I'm so tired of that damn Miami record (especially being a Skins fan).

Ah well, such is life.