Thursday, February 08, 2007

PG: Parental guidance required

You know how you know your parents love you?

When they don't mind you calling in the middle of the night with questions like:

"How long can I go without heat before my pipes freeze?"


"If my power doesn't come on before morning, I won't freeze to death in my sleep, will I?"

It's 20-something here, if that, and somebody hit a utility pole out on Route 206.

Sheared it in half. Car's smashed and still there. So when I got home from work, no electricity. And my house is... all electric. Including the heat.

Thus the late-night call to Mom and Dad.

And the power came on about 45 minutes after I called, and maybe two hours after it went out, if that.

Good thing I didn't have much in my fridge anyway.


Jewels said...

well, in that cold, if you DID have stuff in your fridge, you could just put it outside... LoL! At least, that's what my family did in the Ice Storm ('98). (Now THAT was COLD!)

Isn't it good to know that mom and dad are still there for you? Gives me such a warm & fuzzy feeling.

REAL said...

I was going to say what Jewels said.

It was so nice here yesterday - I didn't even have my jacket on. I had to turn the air on in my care.

You should have seen it - beautiful weather.