Saturday, February 10, 2007

Insert blasphemous obscenity here

I caught myself fantasizing about the McDonald's menu and everything I wanted on it during my drive home tonight.

Dieting sucks.

I settled for a large fries.

I swear to God, this isn't going to become a "diet blog," the way some blogs are "Mommy blogs."

But this weight-loss thing is controlling my freakin' life. At least that's the way it feels right now, when I'm starving.

The good news is, I lost another pound, putting me at an even 10. This despite having an upset stomach most of the week due to a bad reaction to the medicine I was taking for my back.

Follow all that?

So my stomach feels better, but now I'm hungry instead of hurting.

Off to my fries. See? Willpower. I didn't get the 20 McNuggets, Filet-O-Fish and cheeseburger I was dreaming about (not to mention trying to calculate the points for in my head).

I won't dream about food. I won't dream about food. I won't dream about food.

Munkee? Munkee! MUNKEE! MUNKEE!!


On the Cusp said...

Given that I just broke my diet by eating a bag of mini reses' cups, I can totally relate to your french fry craving. Tomorrow I will do better. I swear.

Freak Magnet said...

Dieting sucks. Plain and simple.

Jewels said...

Oh, hon, it'll only hurt for a little while...

It should take 3-6 weeks for your stomach to (physically) start shrinking. That's why you're feeling the hunger pains so badly ('cause it's not full). Once it's down to its normal size (which is actually the size of your FIST), the hunger pangs won't be so bad.

Up the ante on your activity as well, it'll make all the difference in how quickly you shed the pounds. Even by adding just 30 minutes a day at first, slowly building up. (30 mins. might seem like a lot, but is easy to achieve in smaller time increments *10-10-10*)

I think that your 10 lbs. loss is great. Keep it up. You'll be so happy you did this in the end.