Monday, February 05, 2007

Look, Ma, I made a table!

Unfortunately, it didn't quite work out. Scroll down a bit...

Holiday max-out 235+
Current weight as of Friday 226
Last year's post-liver issues low 223
Pre-Jersey weight 204
Doctor's recommended weight 200
Goal 199
Fighting weight 185
Ideal weight 165
High-school weight 148

Stewie was helping me out with this, but in the end, I went with 2 Create a Website, which had all the answers, plus a nifty HTML table generator.

On the other hand, it went haywire somehow. So maybe I should've just listened to him.


REAL said...

It looks alright now, on the feeds though it didn't look so good.

Stewie said...

What real said. :up:

Ace said...

When I look at it, there's like a screen worth of space between the first line ("...scroll down...") and the actual table.

Beats me.

Lesley said...

Sometimes blogger gets wonky about table widths. Yours is set at 100%; I would try setting it at 90 or 95% and I think that would clear up the weird spacing issue.

Stewie said...

I looked at your code and if you remove a bunch of the "br's" before you get to the "table bgcolor="c4c9fe""... part.

Basically, a "br" is a code for a return or break, IIRC.

Note, there are carrots ("<" and ">" )around the "br", but I can't put that in my comment.

Ace said...


I see no BRs when I edit. I figured it was that, but I can't get to 'em.