Monday, January 15, 2007

I hope it's worth it

I'm hungry constantly.

My head has hurt for two days from caffeine withdrawal.

So I can't sleep.

And every freakin' show I've seen on TV since Friday night has mentioned food.

On the other hand, I'm really digging the little Weight Watchers interface that lets me keep track of everything I eat, down to the portion size.

Of course, that means I'm obsessing over everything I've ever eaten or am even thinking about eating.

I look it up, I add up the points, I estimate whether or not I can get through the day.

And, much like watching Food Network - or this weekend, just about anything, it seems - that just makes me think about food... and that makes me hungry.

My head hurts.

At least I don't think Advil cost me any points.


Freak Magnet said...

That's the thing that sucks about losing weight - you have to constantly think about it, which makes you hungry.

All the best to you, sir. You have a hard road ahead of you.

jin said...

I've been there.

I'm pretty positive
Munkee CAN do it!


When you hit your goal are you going to post nekkid pics?

Stewie said...

I suck at the comments.

Yesterday I wrote you did it before, so you can do it again and good luck with it.

Today it was gone.

No doubt it was me.

So there you go.