Friday, April 07, 2006

Another one bites the dust

It's no wonder I've almost never watched prime-time TV.

Not just because I work at night, but because it's so tough to find a show I really like.

And when I do... it seems like these days, it's tough for it to stay on the air.

The latest casualty appears to be "In Justice," a staple of my Saturday morning post-work TV watching. The Friday show hasn't technically be canceled by ABC; it's "on hiatus."

Regardless of the merits of the show (it got fairly weak reviews), I happen to like it. It sort of appeals to the bleeding-heart liberal in me, and the characters are fun to watch in action.

The show's about the National Justice Project, lawyers and investigators who work to get innocent people out of jail after they've been wrongly convicted.

Now it seems the show's on the shelf, with nary a season/series finale in sight. And it was laid out with a bunch of ongoing issues, so I hope they can wrap it up somehow - after 13 episodes, you'd think they'd get one in the can in case the show doesn't get renewed in this era of microscopic attention-spans and ratings-fixated network execs.

So among my regular watches, all that's left are "Cold Case" and the reliable "Law & Order: SVU" on primetime, plus the goofy "Food Network Challenge" and Bill Maher's HBO talk show.

At least "Drawn Together" made it to the end of the season - and it, too, is now on the shelf for who knows how long until Season 3 gets under way.

At least DT and SUV (or whatever) are on DVD (and yes, I'm now impatiently waiting for the next season sets to come out) - "Cold Case" uses music so much it'll probably never turn up, depressingly.

On the upside, it appears "JAG" is finally headed for DVD sometime this summer.

I do like TV, and one thing that saves me from the hell of night-time work is DVD. I've got the complete run of "The X-Files," "Buffy," and assorted (and much more short-lived) favorites such as "Battlestar Galactica" (the original) and "Tour of Duty." Plus, it helps me keep up with the current BG, which I just can't catch up with because of my Friday night work hell.

I don't know that I was ever actually a big prime-time fan - the last show I tried to watch regularly before my DVR meant I didn't actually have to remember to set the damn VCR every week was "Early Edition," which I lost interest in after a run of several weeks where I forgot to tape it, and then couldn't figure out what the hell was going on when I caught an episode.

I'd love to try it again, but that one didn't make it to DVD, either.

Maybe I should've stuck with "ER," but that was really Michelle's show, and I stopped watching after we split.

I'm better off - I don't think she'd have let me buy "Stripperella: The Complete First Season" on DVD, anyway.

"In Justice": Gotta love that "Next Episode: TBD"
"Cold Case," which often makes me cry, depressingly
"Law & Order: SVU," which I always call "SUV" by mistake
The now-deceased "JAG," Wikipedia-style
The now-deceased "Early Edition," Wikipedia-style

I'm thinking of giving up posting my reading list, plus my various columns and reviews. You guys know where to find the writing, which I don't do often enough anyway, and the books... well, I don't want to put 'em up one at a time, but if I wait for a few, I tend to forget, since I read so much. I'll be pondering.

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Stewie said...

I love "The Office."

I was pissed because this week was canned for some stupid new show.

And have a seperate blog for your books.

Works fairly well for me.