Friday, April 21, 2006


I killed another TV show this week.

"Celebrity Cooking Showdown" was kind of lame, but since it was a cross between "Dancing with the Stars" and "Iron Chef," I gave it a chance and I enjoyed it in its dopey, hokey way.

It was supposed to run all of five episodes, one week on NBC, Monday through Friday.

And they yanked it after Wednesday's show.


I mean, there were three preliminary battles (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) then the final battle (Thursday) and the Big Reveal winner show (Friday). That was it.

And they pulled it after the third prelim. I got home Thursday, popped on my DVR and discovered an announcement that it could be seen on and a rerun of "Will and Grace."

That's right. They booted it all the way to the Web site. For the final battle! They even killed the phone voting.

I guess when I get home tonight I can sit and watch a 3" wide square on my computer instead of high-def goodness on my 42" TV. Unless, as rumored, they're going to actually air the Big Reveal show on Saturday night. Sigh. It's no wonder I keep taping things at the wrong time.

Thank goodness I wait for the DVDs to watch "Battlestar Galactica." I've killed just about every other show I watch, it seems.

The "CCS" Web site, if you want to watch, too
Variety's article on the cancelation

By the way, if you're watching, I voted for Miss USA. Not only is she cute without falling out of her dress (um, Cindy Margolis), it seems like she can really cook, and isn't that the point?

I might have to give "Iron Chef America," which I've avoided like the plague, a try - I liked Cat Cora on this show, and she's one of their ICs. Maybe I can kill that show, too.