Friday, March 24, 2006

Kittens grow up to be cats, don't they?

A co-worker has a bunch of kittens she's giving away.

I kind of want one.

I like kittens. I'm not so sure I like cats, but I'm not entirely averse to them. Depending on how they are.

I think part of my interest stems from simple loneliness. There's only so long a guy can talk to a stuffed monkey before he starts questioning his sanity.

And I worry that any kitten would be stuck at my house for like 10 hours a day while I'm at work, and then stuck watching me sleep for like eight more hours. That can't be good for the little runt, can it? Then he'd be just as lonely as me. Except he'd probably pee on the rug or claw up the couch, whereas I just kind of sit around staring at the clock.

It's not the day-to-day chores I mind so much - it's not like walking a dog. I mean, even kittens are fairly self-sufficient, I take it. And that does weigh on the "home alone" factor - one reason I didn't take Morgan back when I bought the house was it would be so unfair to his life to go from my retired parents doting on him to being barricaded in the kitchen for hours at a time again.

My people are split pretty much evenly, leaning toward the negative.

But I'm kind of not an animal person, instinctively, and that's another fear.

Plus my steps are open, and a kitten could fall through all the way to the basement. Though I suppose A) it would be too smart or self-preserving to do that; and B) it would land on its feet, right?

I think the cons are really outweighing the pros.

But they're such cute little mookies, aren't they?

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Freak Magnet said...

Cats are both rewarding and the biggest pain in your ass.