Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Do you know what time it is?

It's time to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of this here blog!

That's right, I've been doing this for a whole entire year.

That post-a-day thing sure fell by the wayside, but I'm pretty proud of myself for lasting this long.

What's changed, besides me getting older?

Not much - and that's both good and bad, I guess. This blog has sort of evolved from a random diatribe into a sort of odd little diary, I guess, and I don't know if that's really a benefit or not.

It probably hasn't done much to broaden my audience. I went from talking about things like Civil War generals' names to basically indulging my inner munkee, and I never really turned rambling stream-of-consciousness into anything more coherent.

There are some days I think of giving up on the blog, but I'd rather post a little less frequently and still keep it up, because I think my few readers do enjoy it, or at least I flatter myself to think so.

I'm still writing for HorrorTalk (less frequently) and (more frequently), so there's still plenty on my plate when I'm not at work.

The movie isn't out yet, but should be out sometime this spring or summer - and after all, the movie is what inadvertantly started the blog, so there's something to look forward to there.

My first post was about the theme song Justin Timpane wrote for "Crawler," another Timewarp movie that should come out this year. And oddly enough, it was just last week that I got to hear a potential theme song for "Dead Hunt," thanks to JT.

So I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.

The screenwriting thing hasn't advanced much - I sent a pitch for an old script to one company, but they didn't bite. I haven't quite found the time/inspiration to get cracking on some other projects. Part of that is my usual sort of lazy apathy, part is that I was very busy at work in the second half of last year, and part is the various health problems I've had this year.

The health problems are generally all better, or at least to the point where I'm used to them or they don't bother me so much, and so that's been a relief. When doctors toss around words like "progressive neurological disease," it's a bit of a buzzkill, you know?

But that's all in the past, more or less, and I'm 31 now, and rather more used to my 30s than I was a year ago, when it was all novel and I was sort of feeling old.

(These days, a few more of those annoying white hairs, several fewer blond ones.)

I haven't accomplished many of the goals I keep setting out for myself (such as joining the gym) but on the other hand, I'm still getting out and about - even on the occasional date - and I'm feeling a lot better about where my life is.

Pharmaceuticals help, which is maybe not the best solution, but if it works, I'm going to go with it, at least for now.

In short, I guess I'm content. I could use a little more adventure in my life, but on the whole, it's not so bad. It's a tough comedown from the excitement of last winter/spring with the filming, and a tough recovery from the stress of running the show at the paper in the fall/winter while my boss was on active duty. But I'm OK. I'm still here, still having fun, still enjoying my life, still being glad to be alive.

One day at a time, I'm avoiding the depression. One day at a time, I'm enjoying life.

One post at a time, I'll keep on writing. I may be crazy, but I'm stubborn. And it's pretty darn cathartic, too.

Thanks for accompanying me on this odd little journey through my life. Hope you'll keep enjoying and keep reading, and before we look around, it'll be another year.

As someone I used to know once said, may it be rich in all that's good. For all of us.

And the munkees.


Lesley said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Well, I enjoy reading your blog, so I hope you continue writing for another year. And another year after that. And a few more after that. And beyond!

And I'm glad I nextblogged my way over here on Thanksgiving Eve. How else would I have been able to express my thanks for bunnymunkees?

I'm just saying.

Stewie said...

Happy blogirthday!

Today should be a good year for you.

With the movie and all.

Mr. Hollywood. :)