Tuesday, March 15, 2005

What I'm eating... right now.

My latest food discoveries run the gamut.

Now, I'm notorious among my friends for my cast-iron stomach. Not only did I once dream of writing the ultimate book on buffalo wings across the nation, I once offered to eat the food from the office vending machine for charity.

We have a holiday sale at the office where people can buy things for $1 and the proceeds go to a deserving charity. The way I figured, for $1 donation plus the price of food, I'd eat any of the prepackaged foods from the cafeteria machine, up to and including the tuna salad.

Not only would it benefit a good cause, it would probably get me a couple of days off from work, since near as I can tell, I get unlimited sick days at full pay.

But I have found my two new favorite foods.

(If you haven't guessed by now, I can't cook. If it's more complex than a good sandwich, it's beyond me. I'm one of those guys whose fridge contains nothing but beer and condiments, and whose freezer is stocked to the gills.)

First on the list is Barber Foods' stuffed, breaded chicken cordon bleu breasts. How can you go wrong? This combines all four food groups: Chicken, ham, cheese and breading. Six minutes in the nuke for two of 'em, and not only do they taste shockingly excellent, they smell absolutely fabulous.

Now, I'm guessing the concept probably nauseates about 95% of the people reading this, but you've just got to trust me. I love real chicken cordon bleu, and I love these things. Tasty and easy to make, conveniently packaged in pairs... Yum.

(Yeah, I don't know how I cracked 200 pounds, either. I eat nothing but chicken. And isn't that supposed to be good for you?)

The other new food addiction of the month is Saladworks. They opened a Saladworks in Hillsborough near me, and a doctor of mine recommended it because she said I don't eat enough vegetables (true). So I went. Because I can be talked into pretty much anything, especially when I'm hungry.

And boy, is this great! $7.50 and you get a huge salad (the only thing I need to eat all day, except for maybe a chicken cordon bleu after work) that lasts all day. And they'll put croutons (the best part of the salad) on anything!

Plus a free roll. I love bread. I've been trying the wheat rolls and they're shockingly good. I say shockingly because I normally hate wheat bread.

My favorite salad there is called the Tivoli salad. I don't know why it's called that, but it always makes me think of the visits to Tivoli in Copenhagen when I was little. Added bonus.

OK, all this talk about food has made me hungry. Time for some more salad.

Corporate representatives of Barber Foods and Saladworks, please leave a comment with your e-mail, and I'll send you my address for free samples and coupons. Thank you.


And yes, it's complete coincidence I've now written about someone named Barbour and someone else named Barber.

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Stewie said...

Did you say absolutely fabulous?

And don't forget about the bagels in your freezer! I've seen them!

And before you write another damn blog, I want my review back!

That is all.