Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A random bit of naming trivia

Something that just occurred to me amid a bout of insomnia:

Although Jews don't traditionally name children after living relatives, if we go with the name "Emma" for Sprout - a random name, not for anyone - it will mean:

• Three generations of my family will have first names starting with "E": My mother, Elizabeth; myself, Eric; and my daughter, Emma.

• And three generations of Marisa's family will have first names starting with a form of "M": My mother-in-law, Miriam; my wife, Marisa; and our daughter, "Em"-ma.

If we were having a boy, M was fascinated with the name "Stellan," which would have meant she was given an actress whose name her mother liked, and her son would also have the name of an actor whose name his mother liked.

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