Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our little alien?

I got to feel Sprout move the other day!

She's been increasingly active, and a couple of nights ago, Marisa excitedly called me over and we lay in bed, watching her stomach, until suddenly, there was a little poke upward, randomly.

We can find Sprout by feeling the hard spot in her tummy, and if you hold your hand there, sometimes you can feel a little push. Of course, sometimes, it's just her pulse or the pulsing umbilical, but sometimes...


I think that night was one of the best days of my life, up there with the wedding, the pregnancy and the first heartbeat and both ultrasounds. This is a wonderful experience, and I hope all of you who want to experience it can.

On the other hand, M has taken to calling our little Em her "little alien," which means I a) worry will give her a complex (but I worry everything will give Daddy's Little Girl a complex); and b) end up thinking of this:

Especially when Sprout pushes her stomach up a little. I told M I hope Emmamunkee won't be chewing her way out of her body, and just arrive the normal way.

Well, as normal as a midwife-led water birth is these days.

Slightly off topic, as nicknames go, which do you prefer:

Emmamunkee (mine)


Emmabean (hers)

Let me know!