Friday, November 16, 2007

She's baaaaaaaack!

You might recall a few years back, when I officially gave up on "Trading Spaces."

Or maybe you don't. But in any event, I did, back when the TLC reality/design show dumped host Paige Davis in favor of a "hostless" format.

Which also proved "interest-less."

Anyway, somewhere in there, the hit show jumped the shark and eventually, from what I gather, dumped the entire cast, too.

Gone were all the designers the show made famous, and who made the show famous.

In place was...

Well, I don't know. I'd stopped watching.

But today, TLC finally did something that got me to put "TS" back on my DVR:

They brought Paige back.

Starting in January, it's the return of Paige, Doug, Hildi and the gang!

We'll see if it's the return of the ratings, too. But hey, they got my attention.


fnordboy said...

I think it's too little too late personally. I enjoyed Paige, of course she was great to look at, but there was also something really great about the chemistry of the show. I think they are all in such different places now that I would have to wonder if the show will have that same feel.

I had stopped watching a little bit before she left, in fact I think it was your original blog about it that turned me on to the news of her departure.

I'll check the show out, but I don't hope for much. Hopefully she still looks as good.

Freak Magnet said...

I might start watching it again. I like Paige