Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Monkey Tuesday!

That's an ad featuring Koko, the gorilla that knows sign language.

She's just one of the monkeys/chimps/gorillas (the difference? there's a tail there somewhere... get it?) featured in today's Daily Monkey site!

Today, it's "Hotshot monkeys* in science," from CNN via Mental Floss:

It's a common theory that, given enough time (and food ... and ink ribbon), a million monkeys on a million typewriters will eventually bang out the works of Shakespeare. But that only goes for average monkeys.

Round up a few higher-class primates armed with an education and some travel experience, and we wouldn't be surprised if you got a masterpiece on par with Harry Potter or The Firm.

Monkeys in space. Monkeys talking. And, just maybe, the missing link! (Look, two puns in one munkee post!)