Sunday, November 25, 2007

Monkey Monday!

I know, it's Sunday. But Monkey Monday sounded better.

Anyway, I've had a thought.

Now, before you fall over at the notion of two posts in two days from me, hear me out.

As you might have guessed, I've given up on National Novel Writing Month 2007. I'm still going to work on my novel, just more at my own pace.

But I was thinking I really would like to blog more. I should. I enjoy it.

But maybe, I'm thinking, I need a theme. Like Stewie's "30 Days of Joy" for NaBloPoMo.

How about a Daily Monkey blog? Well, maybe not daily. But you know what I mean.

There are, of course, other blogs with such a theme, but hey... do you read them?

But you read mine... or you wouldn't be reading this.

So. Something to ponder. A munkee/monkey of the day.

Let's start here.

This is a story about monkey meat, or "bushmeat," as it's sometimes known. And freedom of religion.

NEW YORK (AP) -- From her baptism in Liberia to Christmas years later in her adopted New York City, Mamie Manneh never lost the longing to celebrate religious rituals by eating monkey meat.

Now, the tribal customs of Manneh and other West African immigrants have become the focus of an unusual criminal case charging her with meat smuggling, and touching on issues of religious freedom, infectious diseases and wildlife preservation.

The case "appears to be the first of its kind relating to that uniquely African product," defense attorney Jan Rostal wrote in a pending motion to dismiss. "Unfortunately, it represents the sort of clash of cultural and religious values inherent in the melting pot that is America."

That's right. Prosecuted for eating monkeys. I think we can endorse that, despite our previous stance on freedom of religion.

Other monkey meat links:
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What do you think? Life on the Rim goes "Daily Monkey"! Discuss amongst yourselves.

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Stewie said...

Too bad there's not a world wide religion that has cat eating in their doctrine.