Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Horror fans, you've gotta see this!

Sham, my colleague over at HorrorTalk, is doing an incredible "Halloween Horror Movie Countdown" over on his blog.

Check it out!

It's really great - a different horror movie for every day, and the reason it was chosen. Very well written, entertaining, interesting, everything you could want. Believe me, if you like horror movies, or movies in general, it's well worth the time it takes to load (lots of little animations!) and read (hey, a movie a day, it's pretty long!).

I can't say enough about this kid (yeah, I know, I'm sending you to a MySpace blog written by a teenager... it's not what you'd think). He's a terrific reviewer and clearly very knowledgeable (knowledgable? I hate spelling this word...) about the genre.

I'm always amazed by some of the younger reviewers/posters over at HT. I'm 31 now, a veteran journalist, I've been watching horror flicks longer than some of them have been alive, and yet, when I read their reviews or posts, I feel like there's so much more work I have to do, so much I have to learn. There is so much talent there, and so much knowledge... It really is impressive.

One of the best things about my writing experience is that my parents were always very encouraging, so I always had the support of someone I admired. I've mentioned before what a thrill it's been editing Stewie's reviews. And so I try my best to support the younger writers I know any way I can, be it encouragement, constructive criticism, or whatever. God knows, talent should be nurtured.

In this case, it's a bit of my usual shilling... so what are you still doing here? Go read Sham's Countdown!


jin said...

I will check it out the second I have a chance.

p.s. Thanx a MILLION for the poem!!! *HUGE GRIN* I HAD to share, so you are famous for the day on UNPLUGGED!
(I hope you don't mind?!)

Stewie said...

Yeah, man, Sham is an amazing writer at 17. He's going to be scary good as he gets more experience and more knowledge.

jin said...

Ok...I just realized that I don't have a link to you on UNPLUGGED!!!
I'm so ashamed!

Will fix that tonight & you will now be forever known as
"Awesome Ace".

Brioche said...

Arf! Arf!
*sloppy kisses*
Hi Uncle Awesome Ace!

My Mummy sent me over to say she finally linked you!
Arf! Arf!

Aric Blue said...

Wow--he's got some horrible taste in movies...Friday the 13th part 6? Carrie 2? Cursed?

Until I got to Alien I thought he was doing a list of the worst horror movies in the past 20 years...