Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The grass is always greener

One thing I often admire about people is when they can do things I can't.

I can't sing, and I love singers who have beautiful voices, like my friend Blake (see earlier post; and Blake, I'm still waiting for that EP!).

I can't draw or paint, and I am always awed by people who can craft great art, like my friend Peter Ambush (see earlier post).

And my photography is mostly of the vacation type, despite my efforts on baseball tours to get real action shots.

Anyway, you guessed it, I'm shilling for another one of my friends.

This one's Luisa, who's a photographer and photo editor. She takes some excellent pictures and just started her own Web site. So I figured I'd give a shout-out to her here.

I've found a new love for sharp portraits of people. I got that porn star book that was on the HBO special, just because I loved the images that guy took with his big, weird camera. And it's really good, even if there is a little too much male nudity for my taste... And I just ordered the Raiders photography book by Lisa Coelho, who is a shooter for (though I haven't seen her work there lately; hope she's still working for them!) and is a poster at (Yeah, I know, I ordered about two years late... hey, sue me. I'm a procrastinator.)

Anyway, Luisa's pictures rock, so check 'em out! And if you're getting married or need a photo for something else, she's the one to call!

Luisa Pinzon Photography
Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, whose book "XXX" is on my coffee table...
...And the HBO special on his book
Lisa Coelho, "NFL Shooter"'s interview with Lisa, from last year
And, to refresh your memory, Heather Shayne Blakeslee...
• ...And Peter Ambush's e-mail: (since he has no Web site)

I read an article today about how blogs have gotten people fired. Remember, everyone, this blog has nothing to do with my employer or my job, and I'm speaking for myself and no one else. And covering my ass. Again.

Oh, a pair of random links for some seriously sweet horror books I bought lately:
Cemetery Dance, publishers of the rockin' "The Hides" by Kealan Patrick Burke and...
Borderlands Press, who put out an awesome limited edition of F. Paul Wilson's Adversary Cycle.