Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What have I been up to?

Good grief, nearly three months since my last post. As reboots go, this is turning into more Rob Zombie's "Halloween" and less Platinum Dunes' "Friday the 13th". Sigh.

Like I said, I've been busy. Since my last post in August...

That's my daughter. Literally licking the plate clean.
 Emma turned 1. Complete with her first piece of ice-cream cake. Yay!

And, I must say, I did write a blog post earlier this week. It's just that it was over at Granola Crunchiness, Marisa's (new-ish) blog.

Meanwhile, I'm slogging away at work and class, both of which keep me busy.

And did I mention we switched to a Service Electric cable modem at home because our Verizon Internet managed to not work at night for more than a month during September? That sure didn't help.

So enough with the excuses, on with the blogging.

One of the nice things in my life recently was that Marisa went to the Freedom for Family Wellness Summit in Virginia. So I got to spend the better part of three days with my baby girl, toting her around the area and trying to keep her entertained.

To the west, and Ox Hill, plus a museum!
Manassas, hoping for two Bull Run battles, but only having time for one.
  • Manassas and the Bull Run I tour: One adult thumb up, one baby thumb up, too.
  • Dinner with M's family: Thumbs-up all around.
Bonus theme song (if it works):

If not, click here! Or here.

Shopping in Chantilly:
  • C&W Used Books: Much, much better than the previous one. Mixed baby reviews. 
  • Piper Hobby shop: Not enough trains. Again, mixed baby reviews.
  • Game Parlor: One adult thumb up - I could've stayed for hours. Also, one baby thumb up - and one escape attempt. 
  • Lotus vegetarian restaurant: Excellent adult reviews. Mixed baby reviews.
I apologize for the lack of pictures. I still have to get them off M's fancy camera. So, to appease you in the meanwhile...
Bonus Emma!

Yes, she's riding a Lightning McQueen car. Em loves it, even if her mother snagged it somewhere in blatant violation of her personal no-plastic-toys policy.


Travis said...

Hey Ace,

I just found your Zultek piece, can you e-mail me at I have something to ask you

iceborn said...

the baby is very cute, wish she will be like that for her whole life..

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