Thursday, June 24, 2010

Has Facebook killed the casual blog?

I was thinking about the purpose of my renewed blogging recently, and I was considering a little post sharing a cool website I found. That's something I used to do occasionally before the reboot, so why not now?

And I realized: Facebook. See, nowadays, when I want to share a cool link, I just hit the little "F" button and it appears on my profile, where my 400 friends and "friends" can see it if they want.

Facebook: Fun for social networking, or the scourge of Blogger?
As opposed to here, where who knows how few readers I have by this point. When I was working on the reboot, I noticed two other things:

1. Some of my blogroll folks had shut down certain of their blogs, or shut down entirely.
2. I haven't kept up with many of them over the time I was "on hiatus," either.

To quote Norman:
So...not too sure who is still out there in bloggerland since I made the jump to that addictive hellhole they call FaceBook, but hey - I'm alive.

I'm reluctant to cancel this blog or delete it. I was just going thru some of my old posts and had to wipe a tear.. *sniff sniff*
It makes me wonder: Are other blogs falling victim to this pattern? Not the big ones, like The Huffington Post or what-have-you, but the little ol' regular blogs, like mine or the ones I used to follow daily.

I don't know. But it still begs the question: Where do I share fun stuff like...

Monotheism ... ... fail.

Do I bang out a blog post? Or just click a button or two and share it with the FB world? Time will tell...