Thursday, November 13, 2008

Movie meme!

OK, so I stole this one from Jin, who stole it from this guy, who made up a bunch of rules she didn't repeat, so I'm not going to bother looking them up.

The gist of it is, you pick the 26 letters of the alphabet and list a DVD you own that begins with that letter, skipping things like "A" and "The" and so forth. Plus, you link to that first guy's website, I think. (Maybe it's a girl, that's a generic "guy," since I didn't bother reading the original post.)

I know y'all are a bunch of movie fans, so give it a whirl.

Me, just for kicks, I'm going for an action/horror theme. And I'm going to stick with flicks I like, so consider these recommendations, too.

A is for "Aliens," my favorite of all time.
B is for "Below," the underrated submarine scare flick.
C is for "Curious George," just because I like monkeys.
D is for "Dawn of the Dead," the remake that's better than people think. (You thought I'd say "Dead Hunt," didn't you?)
E is for "Event Horizon," with a ship's log to watch on slo-mo.
F is for "Friday the 13th," greatest slasher of them all.
G is for "Ginger Snaps," with luscious Kate Isabelle.
H is for "Halloween 4," "Halloween 5" and Danielle Harris, pre-Zombie.
I is for "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," a great comic treat for fans.
J is for "Jaws," and not swimming for years.
K is for "A Knight's Tale," which may be the late Heath Ledger's best.
L is for "Land of the Dead," Romero's fourth in the trilogy.
M is for "The Mummy," such brainless fun.
N is for the cult Nights: "... of the Comet," "... of the Creeps" (OK, it's a boot) and "... of the Demons."
O is for "Once," my wife's favorite low-budget music movie.
P is for "Planet Terror," the silly fun half of "Grindhouse."
Q is for, um, well, let's skip this one...
R is for "Resident Evil," with the best audio commentary ever.
S is for "Se7en," and what's in the box.
T is for "The Thing," with its awesome old-school effects.
U is for "Underworld," with vampires, werewolves and guns-guns-guns.
V is for "Versus," perhaps called yakuza vs. zombies.
W is for "What About Bob?" which came with the wife, and I've never seen.
X is for another X; read: N/A, I'm afraid.
Y is for "Youngblood," not action or horror, but hockey.
Z is for "Zombi 2," or "Zombie" to some, and we're done.

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jin said...

So glad you did this one.


LOVE Event Horizon, Friday the 13th, Danielle Harris in a very non-lesbo type way (& her Halloweens!), your "N"!!! All of 'em! Oh those bring back memories...
Se7en for sure! LOVED that ending. Perfection.
OMG... you MUST watch What About Bob... I've seen it a zillion times not normally my type of thang but it's hilar squared!

Oh... but... You could have copied my "X" selection?!
I'm sick & twisted... I must see that now out of morbid curiosity... bwa-haahahahaaa....