Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Time to play the Feud!

I just noticed, laying around the office, a screener DVD for Celebrity Family Feud.

This, I have a hard time picturing.

Or maybe not...

Insert wavy "flashback" lines here...

The setting: Family Feud set. The Hiltons are on the left. The Hogans are on the right. Richard Dawson hosts, of course.

Dawson: All right, now we go over to the Hilton family. The topic: Popular celebrity quotes. Paris?

Paris Hilton: Umm...

Dawson: Show me, "Umm..."!


Dawson: Number 5 answer! Now, let's go to the Hogans. The Hulkster... Give me a celebrity relative most likely to embezzle!

Hulk: Well, brother...

Dawson: Show me "Brother"!


Dawson: Number 1 answer!

A thousand remotes click over to re-runs of Are You Being Served?...


jin said...

So... I admit to watching countless reruns of this show.
BUT (!)
It's only because I like to count how many feels he cops...
c'mon... seriously!
He was ALWAYS touching (with an occasional serious nipple rub) the hot chix boobs.

Aric Blue said...

Have you seen the guy they got hosting Family Feud now? He's HORRIBLE. The guy from Tool Time was okay at it, but this new guy is unbearable...and none of them are Richard Dawson.